Instead of an introduction. About truth and science

There is only one right answer to the question that is asked correctly. Every problem has only one most correct solution.

Of thousands of opinions, there is one that is the closest to the truth 

But, observing the world, I see a tremendous number of wrong answers, irrational decisions and mistaken beliefs. Why is that? Why do people who can survive in space and transmit information over huge distances for a split second and who have explored the world so deeply mistake so frequently and so awkwardly? I think it happens because a single person who makes a decision does not possess needed information or simply doesn’t use it. 

Our goal is to convey the truth to as many people as possible, whatever that truth may be.

A reasonable question arises: "Why do we believe that "our" truth is right?" The answer is obvious for us, we build our outlooks on the base of the achievements of contemporary science and fully trust it. We realize that scientists can make mistakes but we consciously take risks because over the last centuries science justified itself with thousands of working devices and millions of saved lives. 

Naturally, in the era of global problems of the mankind, when the question about the possibility of the further existence of our species is raised, the science only is capable of finding a way out of the maze that we entered because of the rampant growth and improvidence (and blatant stupidity sometimes, too). 

Only truth can save the world.