Ecological crises in the history of the mankind

For centuries the relations between the man and the surrounding world were based on the principal of extracting all possible material benefits out of the nature. It is typical for the man race to use the available resources in maximal possible volumes without taking the arising contradictions in to account. This is our greatest trouble. Continue read

The emergence of ecological science

As you know, ecology is a relatively young science that emerged as a separate discipline at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. Actually, it was considered science only in the sixties of the 20th century when the state of environment had caused great concern. But the background of ecology began much earlier: not everybody knows that perhaps the first environmentalist on Earth was... Aristotle! Continue read


Droughty lands make 41,3% of all land on the globe. It means that nearly a half of lands, available at mankind, are potential deserts and under certain conditions can turn into them. Continue read

The electric car and its future

The history of automobiles started more than 100 years ago, and over this period they have caused enormous damage to the Earth’s atmosphere. Designers and engineers have been trying to solve this problem for the last thirty years. Continue read