Life in the Altai mountains

People move to cities from the villages looking for a better life and preferring office work or a job as a store employee at the mall to simple work on their land.

Yet in Altai there is nowhere to run

Yet in Altai there is nowhere to run. Only 65 thousand people live in the capital of the republic - the town of Gorno-Altaysk, and actually no one else is truly welcomed there. If the capital of Altai were a large industrial center, the locals would have abandoned the land and cattle breeding, which their ancestors had been engaged in for centuries. They would have descended from the mountains and settled in the city.


Altough not all of them realize it, they are really lucky. Their labor is honest, and the result can always be measured with the heads of domestic cattle, huge herds of which graze on the Altai fields with lush grass.

Text and photo: Dmitriy Strakhov