About the project

Who are we? Our project is ecological but we are not the professional environmental scientists. We hardly understand how to fight the ozone holes, save whales and stop deforestation of Amazonia. We don’t wear the cork sole sandal shoes and hemp fiber shirts to look “more ecological” but we love our world and we love the scientific approach for interpreting the changes of it.   

We consider the main trivial goal of the mankind for the next decades is to learn how to live in a harmony with nature Nechaev

«Eco.Cosm»  is the alternative name of noosphere. It is something that brings balance between micro-and macrocosm. Meanwhile our education (biological, chemical, ecological and journalistic) allows us to use these terms with occasional mistakes yet with full responsibility. Since the day of its foundation Eco. Cosm is represented worldwide as it is registered in UNEP database by Russian National Committee for UNEP.

Partnership with UNEP guarantees people our competence in the chosen sphere. That means we broadcast scientifically credible information in the frames of our project. We do not present any sensations, we only provide fresh theory with the results of the latest research combined by the UNEP experts all over the world. We have right to use these materials and we receive them one of the first in the world.  

Everyone cares of nature conservation in this or that way. You may not believe that oil or coal burning influences the climate or you may even consider that people’s comfort is more important than some weather. But you sure care about such species extinction as the Siberian  tiger or the Snow leopard; such things like forest, air or lake Baikal cleanness. If you don’t you are 70 years behind the mankind.  

We consider the main trivial goal of the mankind for the next decades is to learn how to live in a harmony with nature.

To reach this goal we definitely need the efforts of the political, social, economical mechanisms of the modern civilization. But we must understand that it is the person or personality (or the individual if you like it better) who is in the bases of any complex entity (states, nations, organizations). Every single individual has a will received by the right of the birth. All these individuals form the society in the end. When every its member or the majority of them change the society changes too.

It is not enough to invent how to get the energy without the carbon emissions increase or how to recycle the garbage. It is necessary to create such conditions when every man understands and accepts the new strategy of life. The harmony between the mankind and the nature is only possible after the harmony of every single individual that he reaches through the knowledge and values formation of the environmental world.

With our help you can establish the batteries collection point in your city, create such project for the youth, make lessons at schools, organize the thematic film discussion or games. We have many interesting plans and we will be happy if it will be our common enthusiastic plan for the sake of the honest future. 

We need a million – a million of people who can save a million of paper sheets, a million liters of fuel, a million kW of energy, a million liters of fresh water

You can always contact us to discuss the website work, language practice as well as cooperation. 

Our e-mail: pr@eco-cosm.com